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You Can Find a Gem

By Going Beneath the Surface.

At First Glance, We May Look Like Any College of Your Dreams.

Beautiful campus, rigorous classes, plentiful extracurriculars. But when you get beyond all that, you’ll find Bryn Athyn isn’t like other schools. What makes us different is something you can’t see, but you’ll feel it: a sense of camaraderie and belonging links together every person on this campus. Connections are deeper here—that’s what Bryn Athyn is really all about.

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You Are The Future

At Bryn Athyn, the possibilities of what you could do and what you could become are almost infinite. Take a few spins here to see what your future could hold.

The Benefits of Bryn Athyn to You.

We are proudly not like every school. And that's not to be different; it's to help our students become the best versions of themselves.

Our Size

We See Your Student-to-Faculty Ratio and Raise You a Student-to-Acre Ratio

We are one of the smallest schools in the country, but you wouldn't know it by the size of our campus. For every five students, we have two acres of lush greenery. That means each person's presence here has an impact. After setting off into the expanse, coming together and forging a true community in class, clubs, and chapel is that much more meaningful.

Our People

Every Professor Gives Grades. Great Professors Give you Meaning.

It's not about passing tests—it's about living a life full of freedom, grounded by reason, and inspired by action. Our professors are invested in helping you develop the ability and desire to be useful in the world. This doesn't stop when you toss that graduation cap. Your professors will inspire a love for learning that guides you for life.

Our Purpose

Declare Your Life's Major Purpose.

College should give you the space to figure out what's important. Whether you're an interdisciplinary or business major, Bryn Athyn gives you the skills to make a positive impact in the world. It's not about just looking good on a resume (though employers undoubtedly reap the benefits of hiring our graduates). We welcome all faiths into our New Church tradition, with a focus on spiritual growth for a rewarding life and a better society.

Our Value

Get a Private College Education for the Price of a Public.

That means attention, amenities, and opportunities without the sticker shock. Cost shouldn't keep you away from somewhere you belong. Check out our Financial Aid page to learn how that's possible. When you're ready, we're here to personally guide you through the process.

Find Your
Life’s Major

Location, Location, Location

There's lots to explore in the Bryn Athyn area and beyond. You can be one with the trees, and also venture out into the big city.

Peace of Mind, Body, and Spirit

At Bryn Athyn "spirit" isn't some abstract concept. We teach you how to bring spirit into everything you do. You don't have to wait until you graduate to make an impact—experiential internships are a part of everyone's core curriculum. Should grad school be on your path, Bryn Athyn offers ample hands-on research opportunities. Our New Church affiliation enables students to study abroad at sister institutions in France and Germany, and faculty-led trips could have you studying sea life in the Cayman Islands or getting up close and personal with ancient Greek history. And no matter where you go, that same sense of Bryn Athyn belonging will travel with you.

Expand the Mind

Professors come to Bryn Athyn to teach, not just to research, which means they spend their time guiding students to find confidence in their rational abilities. It's not about acing pop quizzes, or checking off those academic requirements. Exposure to new points of view and in-depth discussions will push you to find the greater meaning in anything that you encounter, here and beyond. And because it's no secret that college can be a stressful (albeit rewarding) time, we also prioritize the centering of our students' minds through a designated mental wellness center and team. We're big fans of balance, and we're here to help you achieve it.

Fuel the Body

Our campus is the total package, with beauty and ever-improving amenities. With a state-of-the-art fitness facility to complement our counseling services, our brand-new Bryn Athyn College Center will keep you feeling your best, inside and out. We don't play around when it comes to your well-being. Unless you're referring to our new gaming lounge, in which case, grab an ergonomic seat and a controller and draw those shades!

Nurture the Spirit

Bryn Athyn's got a lot going on, but we all need some stillness in order to truly gain perspective. Every week, the Bryn Athyn chapel service provides time to let it all sink in. It's a time to come together with everyone to reflect, share, and get inspired. Not "religious"? Not a problem. The New Church doesn't judge. In fact, we think every spirit, of any faith or level of spirituality, can benefit from the Bryn Athyn philosophy of questioning and contemplation that guides our personal growth.

I Get to Work There?

Career paths that start at Bryn Athyn go all over. Here are just a few companies and organizations where students have gone to work after graduation, with incredible stories to match.

"I don't want to be a ghost writer for my life. I want to write my own story."

Chantal Farmer, '20

"Playing at BAC humbled me and showed me how to be an effective leader."

Terrence Johnson, '15

"The teachers here know you by name and know your goals. They make internships specifically for you."

Danaja Overton, '21

Bryn Athyn Unpacked

Let's Listen Before We Talk.

If you’ve made it this far, we’re guessing you like what you see. You’ve probably had some questions answered and thought of about a million more. You can also hear more straight from the lions’ mouths. While you could continue down the internet rabbit hole, we encourage you to schedule a call with an admissions counselor. But don’t be surprised if you have a new friend by the end of your conversation. Between the size of our student population and the size of the average heart at Bryn Athyn, our admissions counselors actually take the time to get to know you and your goals on a personal level. That can make all the difference throughout your admissions process.

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